Friday, November 13, 2009

Third Times a Charm?

Perhaps the third time really IS the charm. This is the third time I've attempted to become an "official" beauty blogger. It seems each time I start I just don't like how it turns out and give up. However, because I am so in love with fashion right now, I feel passionate enough to write again. Ahh fall fashion. One of my favorite things. I love the browns and reds and golds and plums... Mmmm. I think right now is a really good moment in fashion. The 80's revival I wasn't crazy about... the big, bright plastic jewellery was something I could do without. I feel like fashion right now is leaning more towards the pretty and feminine parts of fashion, and that is so me. I love ruffles and flowers and all things girlie.

Enough about that for now though. I want to tell you why I feel like I have something important to say. I make enough money... but not much more than that. I work at a job I love, but one that doesn't let me get much more exciting than a neutral eye with a pink lip. I only get to wear my own clothes and accessories twice a week. I obsess over make up, beauty products and fashion and I really have no one close to share it with. For me it's important to mix affordability with quality. I am willing to shell out a little extra cash for a great product, but more often than not I will pass on expensive products I don't feel I will get much use out of. I appreciate the blogs and YT videos that review products so that I can get a feel for what I would like to try and what I can pass on. I want to contribute to those amazing reviews. I have saved a ton of money (and spent a ton too) thanks to the great gurus out there.